This is where I keep screenshots of my projects that are featured outside of my blog or initial Burdastyle upload.

Excuse me while I blow my trumpet a bit! *blat*

My very old Birdie Heidi Dress on Handpicked Projects: Heidi Dress (Burdastyle April 2012)

Horse Shorts on Burdastyle Best of January 2012

Little knot top on Craftgawker (February 6, 2012)

Horse Shorts on Burdastyle Front Page (January 2012)

Fur Collar Dress that has received quite a bit of exposure on Burdastyle!

Front page (August 2011)

Best of August 2011

Handpicked from 2011 - title page, no less!
#36 on the slide show (December 2011)

Birthday Dolly on Craftgawker (December 7, 2011)

Architect Dress on Burdastyle front page (July 2011)