Saturday, 26 November 2011 191 Shirtbluse

Blouse: DIY. Trousers: Victoria's Secret (eBay). Heels: Forni (Payless Shoes). Handbag: vintage (eBay)

I was glancing through the website and, in a fit of madness, downloaded some of their patterns.

Why not? They were FREE.

Of course I happily glossed over one small detail. The instructions were in GERMAN. And to all intents and purposes I don't read German, in spite of 2 years of German foreign-language class during my secondary school days.

Well. Google translate should make things better.

So not. Look at this:

"At the corner section the front part 1cm long cut. Einfassstreifen for half lengthwise Fold and iron the fabric right side out. strip again lay flat apart. One longitudinal edge of the strip to the bracket break iron and strike. The other edge of the strip from the inside stuck to the cut edge and 1cm wide to stitch, thereby spread the incision."


I basically ended up winging the whole thing. Thankfully it was an easy pattern.

I did have a ton of trouble with the V-dip at the neckline. Mangled the first piece I cut, mangled the second try too, looked at the fraying edge of the front body piece with a sinking heart, and gave up. I am such a novice. Hooray for bias tape.

I only realised AFTER everything was over, that a very similar pattern is available on the english Burdastyle site. It's free, too. Aargh.

I cut size 36 on top, blending to 38 at the bottom to accomodate my huge belly. Brought up the neckline 1 inch for modesty (not that you can tell), and was over-enthusiastic about shortening the hem and sleeve length. It'll be better next time.

Rayon georgette in houndstooth! <3<3<3  :)
It's a little crisp and the batwing part doesn't drape nearly as well as I would like. But it does flow nicely over my tummy without clinging, as long as I don't stuff my face at lunch.
Dotted quilting cotton for the cuffs.

(download pattern at your own peril here)

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