Friday, 25 November 2011

Yes, I Sew

So I thought, since this sewing thing looks like it's more or less here to stay, that I might as well blog about it.

Just to scratch that Look-At-Meeee! itch that comes up once in a while, you know.

No, seriously.

I started keeping my portfolio at (here) and discovered that while it's a great community to be on, it's a little bit lacking in the friend-making department. I made a couple of friends on there and it's mighty difficult to be communicating just through comments.

So this blog gives me the freedom to interact with people, and to ask for much-needed advice.

First things first.

Here is my machine. It's an old Brother work-horse that my mum bought about 10 years ago, for my 21st birthday, after so! much! pleading (she thought it was another of my 'fads').

Like most other sewists I started out with simple garment alterations, and the occasional tote/pouch. Along the way I hated my machine a great deal, and got intimately acquainted with my seam ripper.

I suppose I haven't progressed all that much these 10 years, since this rather basic machine still serves me pretty well!

Hopefully that'll change soon :)

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  1. Okay, maybe this is kind of much, and I don't intend to be creepster at all, but I just read through all of your blog just now and I LOVE your work! You have such quirky taste in clothes, and I mean that in the best way possible, as I, too, love quirky clothing. It makes me glad to know that another Chinese seamstress out there has risen above her culture to embrace the handmade arts of garment construction! Although, granted, I have an easier time of it in the States.