Monday, 16 January 2012

Little knot top

I fell in love with this fabric while poking around at Spotlight (my fave big-store haunt) for grommets. For some reason it was on the quilting clearance table for $6/metre. I can't imagine why such PRETTY fabric should have to go on clearance. Anyway, all the better for me :):) I snatched it up and out came the credit card. In my haste, I forgot about the grommets. Bleah.

This fabric takes honours as one of the few pieces I actually cut into within a week after purchase. It certainly wasn't a hasty decision - oh no! I thought about what I wanted to make a fair bit (a week's worth of travel time, shower time and dream time surely counts) but couldn't come up with anything better than a very simple top, because of the gorgeous pattern I wanted to showcase, and because there was only a metre of it.

Or maybe there's just a problem with my imagination.

The pattern was loosely on the top half of a shift dress pattern I already use. I had a grand time fitting and fitting the back darts to give it a bit of shape. I have quite a swayback, but I managed to make it fit quite well at the back (even Mr Tropical agreed!) so I'm proud of myself.

I also had to fit the back straps (on myself, since I haven't a dressform) with my bra on, to make sure they covered up the bra straps. That wasn't very difficult though.

I had to figure out the knotted-neck-hole thing myself. I was ambitious and wanted to line it and all with contrasting melon fabric, which turned out to be a bit too much for my low skillz - it doesn't sit flat, though it was a thin cotton fabric strip that I cut on the bias. But oh well, I think it looks okay.

I did take pics of the whole process so if anyone is interested in making a similar one (less the contrast strip, since mine turned out sucky) and wants to see my clunky inelegant method, let me know and I'll post.

I've worn this on a few casual outings already and really like it very much. My little bub loves pulling at the ribbon too :)

1 metre of mid-weight quilting cotton 'Happy Owl Petals' in melon from Spotlight. Originally $14.95/m, I got this at 30% off = $10.50. This is actually an ok-ish price to pay for cotton in these parts. Very slightly pricey, but I made an exception because I couldn't resist its cuteness! 


  1. Loving your top! It's so summery and perfect for our weather. Glad to have found another Singaporean who loves crafting. Following you!

    Agy @ Green Issues

  2. I think it's lovely and not at all sucky! I came across the image after searching for a simple top pattern as I too have 1m of lovely fabric (although I wish it had also been on sale!!!)