Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Super belated 2011 wrap-up

Late to the party as usual, but here is the wrapup of my very first year in sewing.

16 garments to my name... (and look how Mr Tropical's photographing-people-skill has improved over the year :D )

Also some other little craft-type things (not shown).

Oh, and one UFO. A huge orange blousey thing that I made two months post-baby - what a bad idea. It's sack-like and totally unwearable at present. And way too embarassing for a picture!

Two dresses made it to the Burdastyle.com front page, and one to their Best of 201 1 (woo-hoo!). One doll made it on Craftgawker.

And my sewing resolutions for 2012? A rather long list, though perhaps not particularly embitious:
1. Break out my new serger.

My sweet parents gave it to me on my birthday (I'm a Halloween baby) after I asked for one. I really do want to see myself using it, but at the moment all those needles and wheels scare the hell out of me!

2. Sew one thing from knit or stretchy fabric.

I'm SCARED of the things. All that stretch, all that movement. How will I cut it? Hem it? Won't it get swallowed up by my machine. Maybe if I get my serger figured out, it'll fall into place.

3. Join a sewing contest.

Just for the kicks :) because it looks like it'll be so much fun!

4. Join a sew-along.

Caveats: It must be something I want to make, and it must happen at a time when the other bits of my life aren't crazy. Hmm, that's a hard one...

5. Not take my sewing too seriously, or spend toooo much time at the machine.

Because sewing is my hobby, and that means I should have a ball of a time doing it. That means no sewing anything that isn't fun (unless it's a favour for family). No crying, no pulled hair, and no zombie nights over sewing. And because this is supposed to make me a happier person, no point in driving Mr Tropical up the wall with it - he's already telling me he doesn't see much more than the back of my head some nights!

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  1. Sew, 2012 is a fair way thru, have you achieved your goals, are you serging? all those needles, think of it this way: its just like using a twin needle, the threading is important, but oh how nice is the finish. you will love it. Congratulations on 2011 achievements, I hope you succeed.