Thursday, 12 January 2012

On a run with the shorts

Since the first pair fit pretty well and went together so fast, I was greedy and sewed up another pair :)

Really, I was completely powerless to resist the pull of that fabric. I mean, look at all those HORSES! I'm a huge sucker for 'subtle' prints. I love it whenthe garment is a solid colour or nondescript print from a distance, but when you get up close, ooh look! pink umbrellas in a storm! little men with hats! eyeballs!

It really makes my day when the person I've been talking to all of the last 20 minutes suddenly stops mid-sentence and goes, "Oh my! *gape* Are those small grenades you've got on your dress?"

Ha. I'm such a nerd.

Or maybe I should just stop living around blind people.

I was looking through my scrap bag for a contrasting-yet-matching piece to make the back pocket and button trim, and came across this nice scallop-y piece that reminded me of grassy plains.Just for the challenge, I made it puffy - this is my first try at a bit of quilting. The batting looked kinda thick at the start though, so I ripped it in two and only used a half thickness. I kinda regret being chicken now - I think that pocket could do with a leetle more puff!

The other thing I love about this pair is the vintage zip :) I got a bunch of them from some good-hearted eco soul who was ripping them out of old garments destined for the landfill. There, my good deed for the day :)

A curious thing I noticed is how my two pairs of shorts sit differently. The first pair is a really fine, soft corduroy, so it falls straight down. This pair is a mid-weight quilting cotton, a little stiffer and crisper than the corduroy, which make my bot look way perkier. I don't know if I like the look or not. And I haven't any idea what sort of sewing thing to do about it! Take in the sides? It'll become too tight. Taper the legs? I wouldn't be able to walk. Right?

Any ideas?

1 1/2 yard of mid-weight quilting cotton from Etsy, courtesy of a really nice Canadian lady. The pattern actually gets by fine with just 1 yard, but of course I needed that extra 1/2 yard just so I could be stupid and cut out a piece or two with the horses facing upside down.

Oh and if you would excuse the graffiti on my left arm. It's not a tattoo. I just couldn't find any paper when I was writing out my grocery list.

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